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Spring Equinox 2004 - in Derry

A series of panoramic virtual reality photographs taken in Derry at the Spring Equinox 2004 as part of the World Wide panorama Project.

The 20 th March was a wet and windy day. Inspite of the weather I took panoramic photographs at six locations. Four in the inner city and two from a hilltop in the Waterside area to the East of the River Foyle:

11:30 GMT St Columbs Cathedral seen from the Pump St/London St junction.

12:00 GMT The Diamond in the centre of the walled city

12:50 GMT Shipquay St between Castle St and The Richmond Centre

15:30 GMT Ferryquay Gate and the entrance to Foyleside shopping Centre

16:30 GMT Gobnascale in the Waterside looking towards the City

17:30 GMT The city seen from the Top of the Hill park.
Once you click on any of the links above for one of the panos, the "Prev" and "Next" links will take you through the others in time sequence.

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