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The Poster

This year’s poster depicts a face comprised of 4 fragments: Rosemary Nelson, killed in 1999 by loyalists, Gerald Donaghey, killed on Bloody Sunday (1972), Joan Connolly, killed by the British Army, Ballymurphy, Belfast (1971), & Asil Asleh, killed by Israeli Police in 2000 October's Cry

Bloody Sunday Commemoration 2008

Saturday 2 February

The Museum of Free Derry will be open on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd February, admission £3/£2.

11.00am – 11.30am Unmasking, Raytheon: The Truth and The Lies

This 'unmasking event' will explore the truth and lies about Raytheon's purpose in Derry.  It will take place from 11- 11.30 am at FEIC's Memorial Plaque to victims of conflict the arms trade (positioned on The Derry Walls, facing The Guildhall main entrance).  Come, witness, join the resistance! Organised by Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign (FEIC).

Venue: FEIC Plaque, Guildhall Square (Derry Walls, Facing Guildhall Main Entrance)

10.30am – 3.00pm. Workshop, A Truth Commission for Ireland?

The Pat Finucane Centre, Relatives For Justice, Justice for The Forgotten, Ardoyne Commemoration Project, An Fhirinne and Firinne, who represent victims’ families across Ireland have come together to call for an independent truth commission that deals with the human rights abuses associated with the conflict in each jurisdiction. At the conference on 2 February, an outline model for a truth commission that the groups have developed will be discussed. There will be an open debate where families will get the opportunity to express their ideas, ask questions and raise concerns about a truth commission. All the views expressed will help us to further design and develop our own families driven model for seeking the truth.

Venue: Performance Area, Pilots Row, Rossville Street

1.00pm – 3.00pm Panel Discussion, "Judging Saville”:

The report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry is now expected in summer 2008. This session, organised by the Bloody Sunday Trust, will identify the key questions which have arisen from the evidence, and discuss what answers are required if the report is to be regarded as fair and final.
Venue: Main Hall, Pilots Row, Rossville Street

3.30pm – 5.00pm Public Testimony Event,

Ballymurphy August 1971 – How Bloody Sunday January 1972 could have been avoided

 On 9th August 1971 internment without trial was introduced. Over the following three days 11 innocent civilians, including a Catholic priest and a mother of 8, were murdered by the Parachute Regiment in the Ballymurphy area of West Belfast.

In a pattern to be faithfully repeated the following January in Derry, those killed were immediately branded gun men and gun women by the British army – a story published faithfully by the media of the day.

Unlike in Derry there were no cameras in Ballymurphy over the 9th, 10th and 11th of August, the world’s media was focussed on the arrests and political reactions. These killings went without significant note or outrage.

The families of those killed were censored and ignored, they were vilified by the authorities of the time, with no investigation or recourse through the courts. 46 children were left without a parent with only lies and silence talking the place of truth and accountability.

At this event these terrible days will be recounted by eyewitnesses, and those murdered will be remembered truthfully and accurately by their families. The event will also clearly demonstrate the links between the actions and personnel of the Parachute Regiment in August in Ballymurphy and in Derry on Bloody Sunday the following January.

The families will make the case that had the killings of their loved ones been properly addressed in 1971, 14 innocent lives could have been spared the following January.

This event is organised by Relatives for Justice in co-operation with the Pat Finucane Centre.

Venue: Main Hall, Pilots Row, Rossville Street

3.00pm – 5.00pm Panel Discussion, Youth For Truth

Ogra Sinn Fein discussion on collusion. Speakers Amanda Fullerton from the Eddie Fullerton Justice Campaign and John Kelly.
Venue: Performance Area, Pilots Row, Rossville Street

1.00pm – 3.00pm Food Fair

An afternoon of learning about new cultures through food.

Venue: Minor Hall, Pilots Row. Admission £3.00/£1.50

7.30 – 9.30pm Drama, Sole Purpose Productions presents

Clouds on a Mountain Road by Orna Akad

A rehearsed reading in English, directed by Dave Duggan and performed by Patricia Byrne and Carmel McCafferty.

Two Palestinian women, a famous poet and a younger militant, meet to face the challenge of the Israeli Occupation. Is it to be bombs or poems?  The play was first performed in The Al-Midan theatre in Haifa, also at The Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre and the Morocco Festival of Arabic Theatre.

Venue: Performance Area, Pilots Row Admission by Donation

7.00pm Film Screening, Screening of Bloody Sunday documentary,

followed by Q&A session with family members.

Venue: AOH Hall, Foyle Street.

9.30pm BSWC Fundraiser Event Beats At The Truth.

Fundraiser featuring the successful return of Joe Driscoll, the human beatbox and one man band,

supported by DJ Stewarty and Declan McLaughlin.

Venue: Masons, Admission £5.00

Free Derry Tours

will be running political tours of the Bogside at 10.00am and 2.00pm throughout the week.

Proceeds from Saturday’s tours will be donated to the Bloody Sunday Weekend Committee.

For tour details contact 07793285972.

Bloody Sunday Commemoration Programme 2008 - hosted by