Bloody Sunday - Truth and Lies


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The Poster

This year’s poster depicts a face comprised of 4 fragments: Rosemary Nelson, killed in 1999 by loyalists, Gerald Donaghey, killed on Bloody Sunday (1972), Joan Connolly, killed by the British Army, Ballymurphy, Belfast (1971), & Asil Asleh, killed by Israeli Police in 2000 October's Cry

Bloody Sunday Commemoration 2008

Friday 1 February

11.00am:  Irish Language Tour, Scéal SaorDhoire agus Domhnach na Fola. Ruairí Ó hEára le Gaelscoil Éadain Mhóir


Beidh turas ann le Ruairí Ó hEára agus páistí Gaelscoil Éadain Mhóir ar fud Taobh an Bhogaidh agus Iarsmálann SaorDhoire.  Beidh stair, cuimhne agus cráic ann.  Tá fáilte roimh chách.  Saor in aisce.

Venue: Free Derry Corner

7.00pm: Launch, (Photographic exhibition)

‘Reflections on Internment’ Ballymurphy, Belfast 1971

Internment without trial was introduced by the British government on 9th August 1971.  During the first three days of internment 26 people were killed across the North of Ireland.

Eleven unarmed civilians were murdered in the Ballymurphy community of West Belfast by the Parachute regiment. This same regiment went on to Derry where the following January it murdered 14 unarmed civilians on Bloody Sunday.

There has never been a statement of acknowledgement from the British army or government for these murders. Indeed the official version of the events remains intact – the British military statement that they had shot gun men and gun women.

Despite overwhelming eyewitness and forensic evidence not one British soldier was held to account, nor has there been an official retraction of the lies.

Those killed were Father Hugh Mullan, Frank Quinn, Noel Phillips, Joan Connolly, Danny Taggert, Joseph Murphy, Eddie Doherty, Joseph Corr, John Laverty, Pat McCarthy and John McKerr.

This exhibition remembers those who died through the eyes of those left behind, who will always remember them – the families and the Ballymurphy community.

Venue: Museum of Free Derry, Glenfada Park

7.30pm:   2008 Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture.

This year’s lecture is to be delivered by former Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan, giving her first public address since retiring from the office.

Venue: The Calgach Centre, Admission By Donation.

Bloody Sunday Commemoration Programme 2008 - hosted by